Folding Money

Buying a new wallet is kind of a big deal—whatever you pick will be sitting snugly in your back pocket (or rattling around in your bag) every day for a long time. That said, blowing all your money on something intended to hold it is downright nonsensical. With that in mind, we've rounded up the five coolest and most cost-efficient options out there (everything is under $100!).

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Utility Bifold

This untanned leather wallet by Portland's Tanner Goods will wear beautifully over time—this way, it grows richer as you do.


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Finch (Coin)

Although it's built with four pockets and a roomy coin pouch inside, this leather number by Australian label Tailfeather still cuts a slim figure.


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Orchid Zip-Around

If you're looking for something a bit more graphic, this orchid-print wallet by Mi-Pac should do just fine.


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Tanker Wallet

When you find yourself actually needing the odd penny or nickel, the oversized coin pouch on the Tanker wallet by Porter-Yoshida & Co. might save the day.


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Eagle Bifold

This wallet from Brooklyn workshop Maxx&Unicorn Co. is uniquely crafted using a single piece of leather. It's also proudly made in the U.S. (in case you couldn't tell from the print).


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