Overheard at New York Fashion Week

The weirdest comments and conversations caught behind the scenes and in the audience during NYFW. Here's everything we heard—raw and totally out of context.

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The Blossoming Non-Friendship

Girl 1: "Everyone says we need to meet, and we've just kept missing each other."

Girl 2: "Let's all get together at some point next week!"

Girl 1: "I mean, you know what, these next two weeks are, like, the height of craziness for me.…"

Girl 2: "We should get a picture together."

Girl 1: "Right now?"

Girl 2: "Yes."

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Fun fact: Humor and silly antics can actually raise morale backstage.

Missing Persons Report

Girl: "Where is Marcella?"

Guy: "I mean, I found Sergio.…"


Probably wondering where the hell Marcella is. Photograph courtesy of Getty Images
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Interpersonal Conflicts

"Do you have to be standing there? Could you move a foot up? Because behind this wall is Johnny's private space, and you're too close to it."

"I do have friends, though."

"If she hits me with that phone, she'll hit the floor."

"No, no, no. They need to move. We have a huge editor sitting there."

Dude's wearing vintage Derelicte.

Regarding the Clothes

"The inspiration is Talledega Nights—white people, inbred, and weird."

"I'm always like, what is the right shape of a jean?"

"It's crazy that all that fashion is, like, us. It's like what we grew up with."

"We shot the campaign in New Jersey, in a sand-mining quarry."

"It's all so genderless."

"I want to wear this label when we go out because everyone will, like, know it."

"I couldn't get my jacket to balance on my shoulders, so I just gave up."

Fashion is, like, *us.* Photograph courtesy of Getty Images

The Social Media Maverick

Girl 1: "My Instagram is standard. It's just photos I take."

Girl 2: "That's probably interesting."

Random Thoughts

"She's a cool lady. She's French. We call her the Fairy Godmother."

"Do they even have regular water here? I bet they don't even have regular water."

"Honestly, it's weirder if you aren't allergic to gluten."

If anyone's seen Marcella, please let us know.

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