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For a Different Worldview

Fashion blogs beyond the four fashion capitals.

Could Sylvie Mus possibly look cooler? No. No, she could not.
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The Blog: Sylvie Mus

The Pitch: A Rwandan-Finnish model and blogger based in Helsinki.

Why It's Bookmarked: Sylvie Mus has the fashion-blogger look down: statuesque, stunning, and stylish. But she also buys on a budget, so a lot of her looks are easy to replicate. We love the unique way she puts things together, and that she always shares the thought process behind her ensembles.

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The Blog: FUSS

The Pitch: Run by Mumbai-born Rhea Gupte, now based in Goa, India.

Why It's Bookmarked: The photos on FUSS are simply stunning. If you're looking for a blog that's visually gorgeous and aspirationally stylish, this is perfect for you.

Just chilling out by the water, looking flawless in these shades.

The Blog: From Hats to Heels

The Pitch: Amsterdam-based psychologist-turned-blogger.

Why It's Bookmarked: Psychologist-turned-blogger isn't a phrase you hear every day, but From Hats to Heels' Larissa Bruin is making it work for her. Her perspective on styling is singular, and her travel enviable.

Budget-Friendly Fashion

Tfw your favorite fancy famous person wears an all-Gucci look that you really want to get in on. Again. Solve that price-point problem by making these stylish, budget-minded blogs your new daily reads.

Just staring at the ground, contemplating how effortless this outfit looks, probably.
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The Blog: SG Style Me

The Pitch: A cheat sheet on how to style popular pieces from mega-retailers like Zara, Target, and J.Crew.

Why It's Bookmarked: Sarah Gleeson's commitment to affordable fashion allows us to emulate her looks in a more literal sense than most blogger ensembles. The way she styled that white apron slip dress over a mustard yellow T-shirt a couple weeks ago? A revelation.

She may be balling on a budget, but there's always room in that budget for coffee.
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The Blog: Broke and Chic

The Pitch: Live stylishly, but always maintain your sense of fiscal responsibility.

Why It's Bookmarked: Normally we rely on Beyoncé for our reminders about money management (See "6 Inch": "She too smart to crave material things"). And while we appreciate Bey's help, restraining ourselves can be difficult, especially when she also sings about being reckless in Givenchy. Luckily, Broke and Chic is dedicated to the struggle and encourages readers to shop responsibly rather than maxing out credit cards.

Beauty Without the Soul-Crushing Beauty Standards

Your beauty blog roster shouldn't make you feel bad! Here are a few that are all about self-love, not contouring.

Ty Alexander knows that gray hair is badass.

The Blog: Gorgeous in Grey

The Pitch: Ty Alexander is a beauty and style blogger who went gray early in life.

Why It's Bookmarked: Taking her early gray hair, which some might see as a flaw, and turning it into her calling card is truly representative of Alexander's spirit.

Nikki Walton works the red carpet at the NAACP Image Awards Nominees Luncheon. Photograph courtesy of Earl Gibson III/Getty Images

The Blog: Curly Nikki

The Pitch: A blog devoted to caring for naturally curly hair.

Why It's Bookmarked: With so many women choosing naturally curly hair over relaxing and straightening treatments, there is a very real need for curly hair guidance. Luckily, Curly Nikki's tips cover all the bases.

Sheryll Donerson is always reviewing the products we're dying to try.
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The Blog: The Wanderlust Project

The Pitch: An American in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, with an affinity for Korean skincare products.

Why It's Bookmarked: Skincare aficionados, this one's for you. Can't go to bed until you've done your nightly sheet mask? The Wanderlust Project's Sheryll Donerson is right there with you. Korean skincare can seem like a complex world to navigate, but Donerson makes it easy.

Street-Style Blogs Around The World

New York, London, Paris, and Milan all have great street style, but maybe it's time to check out a few other cities?

Are these guys too stylish for their own good? Quite possibly.

The Blog: Garbagelapsap

The Pitch: The coolest style on the street in Malaysia, Singapore, Tokyo, Seoul, and more.

Why It's Bookmarked: When you're in a street-style photo rut, check out what all the cool kids in Malaysia and Singapore are wearing for some instant inspiration.

Glasses chain game is strong.
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The Blog: Kingston Style

The Pitch: The people of Kingston, Jamaica, know how to do vacation style year-round.

Why It's Bookmarked: A chronicle of what Kingston's most stylish locals wear to the beach, the dancehall, and everywhere in between.

How does this haircut look so cool? No, really, if you find out, let us know, 'cause we guarantee the middle part bowl cut would not work on us.

The Blog: Sol-Sol

The Pitch: Bold prints and pastel hair are at their best in Seoul, South Korea.

Why It's Bookmarked: It seems the residents of Seoul are doing androgyny better than just about anyone else right now. Interested in genderless fashion? Prepare to be inspired.

Glasses, braids, sneakers: everything on point.
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The Blog: Street Fashion in Krakow

The Pitch: Some of the most innovative silhouettes are coming straight out of Krakow, Poland.

Why It's Bookmarked: Krakow locals have truly managed to make head-to-toe black interesting (and we're saying that as New Yorkers).

Check Your Ethics

Blogs every socially-conscious shopper should know about.

Wouldn't it feel better to know that your fringe satchel supported Native American businesses?
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The Blog: Beyond Buckskin

The Pitch: An ever-expanding roster of Native American artists and designers compiled by Dr. Jessica R. Metcalfe, a Turtle Mountain Chippewa from North Dakota.

Why It's Bookmarked: Cultural appropriation is best defined by those affected by it, so it's extremely helpful to have a resource like Beyond Buckskin to guide us in a more conscious direction when we are on the brink of being seduced by a major mall brand's most recent "Navajo-print" blanket. Beyond Buckskin will direct you toward the real thing: goods made by native-owned businesses.

Yes to carrots, and yes to this blog.

The Blog: The Clean Beauty Blog

The Pitch: Eco-friendly beauty.

Why It's Bookmarked: Do you know what's in your mascara? We'll go out on a limb and say that you likely don't. If you're concerned about what you're putting on your face, The Clean Beauty Blog is here with some ingredient-conscious alternatives to your favorite products.

Men Can Blog, Too

We didn't forget about you, dudes.

So fresh, so clean.

The Blog: Oh Anthonio

The Pitch: Structural-engineer-turned-blogger who manages to look good without taking fashion too seriously.

Why It's Bookmarked: Light, fun, and ever-changing, the styles presented by Anthony Urbano on this breezy blog are always a delight.

Oh, just walking down the street, looking great. It's nbd, guys.

The Blog: Steve Booker

The Pitch: A personal style blog that manages to feel especially authentic.

Why It's Bookmarked: This blog truly feels like someone might follow Steve Booker around his daily life and occasionally snap a few photos. Not only do we want to go the cool places Steve goes, but we also want to wear what he wears. Keep up the great work, Steve.

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