When All Else Fails, Wear This

On the hottest summer days, It's important to have a go-to outfit that you know will beat the heat. Maybe it's an ensemble so loose that hardly any of it actually touches your body, or something that transports you to the breezy French Riviera. Whatever it is, we at Sweet have some opinions about the ultimate summer uniform, which is why seven of our editors are sharing theirs.

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My Summer Uniform: Easy and Loose-Fitting

Molly Elizalde, associate editor, @mollyelizalde

Anatomy of My Go-To: Apiece Apart pants, thrifted Eileen Fisher tank, and Vince sandals.

Why I Love It: It's my personal opinion that the best summer outfits are ones with a minimal amount of fabric touching the skin: I'm partial to loose shift dresses, wide-leg pants, and A-line tank tops, and I've gradually built a summer wardrobe made entirely of these things. When it's humid and above 85 degrees, and I have to look pulled together for work, I swear by these pink pants I found at a sample sale.

They're four sizes too big, but somehow don't appear so (the magic of sample sizes!), and fit the bill when it comes to minimal body contact. The top—a silk tank I found at a thrift store—is perfectly lightweight and breezy for the hottest of days. And, as I wrote last week, my ultimate summer shoe is one that makes me feel like I'm barefoot at all times. This outfit is all about the illusion of loose sophistication, even when I'm totally overheating.

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My Summer Uniform: Black-and-White Stripes

Rebecca Deczynski, editorial assistant, @rebeccadecz

Anatomy of My Go-To: Karu flats, Everlane pleated skirt, thrifted striped T-shirt, and a vintage scarf.

Why I Love It: I wear this outfit multiple times a week, all year long. After I started experimenting with different hair colors nearly two years ago (first dying the ends of my naturally red hair hot pink, then bleaching it to go full-on pastel pink—then lavender, then gray, then powder blue—before eventually settling on my current blonde), I eliminated all color from my wardrobe.

Once I landed on black-and-white as my preferred color palette, I was driven to fill my closet with an obscene amount of Breton striped shirts (you could say I'm a little too inspired by the ubiquitous French-girl style). Pairing these striped T-shirts with a black skirt is so easy to put together and, most importantly, never fails. On really hot days, I'll swap a tee for a tank—striped, of course.

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My Summer Uniform: Go With the Flow

Natalia Tyndall, administrative assistant, @tallylabella

Anatomy of My Go-To: H&M off-the-shoulder dress, Merona straw hat, and gladiator sandals.

Why I Love It: For me, a flowy dress is the definition of summer style. Why bother spending time contemplating what to wear at home, when I could already be at the beach? This dress is my favorite example of the look: There's no fuss or guesswork about how to style it—all I do is add a straw hat and my outfit is complete! The lightweight material is also perfect for a hot day. If you have your perfect sundress you'll know what I mean.

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My Summer Uniform: All-American Classic

Christian Storm, photo editor, @cstorm44

Anatomy of My Go-To: A.P.C. jeans, American Apparel T-shirt, and Vans.

Why I Love It: During summer, I think simple is always better. Since I refuse to wear shorts—unless I'm on vacation and it's over 100 degrees—jeans are my go-to. They at least give the impression that I'm put together. These raw denim A.P.C. jeans aren't yet perfectly broken in, but I'm hoping that by the end of the summer they will be.

Vans Authentics are my all-time favorite summer shoe (usually in blue). They work with any outfit, from swim trunks at the beach to khakis and a button down at dinner, and add a little insouciance to proceedings. I buy one pair each spring and have inevitably worn holes in them by the time September 1 rolls around. Solid-colored pocket T-shirts are a newer addition (my favorite style is American Apparel), but one that's quickly become a stand-by. The pocket makes it look a little more considered, while still being simple and comfortable as hell.

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My Summer Uniform: Prints on Prints

Chantal Strasburger, assistant editor, @chantagold

Anatomy of My Go-To: Matching patterned shirt and short combo.

Why I Love It: My summer uniform is anything I can sweat in without anyone noticing. The exact formula, however, came to fruition last summer when I spent a month traveling around Rajasthan perpetually drenched in sweat (not an exaggeration). About two weeks in, desperate for fresh clothes, I entered a lovely store in Jaipur called Anokhi and was immediately drawn to a shelf full of patterned shirt and short sets.

Matching prints are one of my great joys, and I euphorically began hauling armfuls of Indian textiles into the dressing room. The startled sales ladies rushed over, vigorously shaking their heads no. Turns out, they were men's shirts and boxer sets. But that didn't phase me: I explained my intentions of wearing them as outerwear, and the scandalized women slowly warmed to the idea, eventually deducing I was very cool and stylish (I think). I bought all the sets they had. The light, cotton fabric is a godsend in the heat.

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My Summer Uniform: Black on Black

Sameet Sharma, assistant photo editor, @sameetsharma

Anatomy of My Go-To: Carhartt overalls, Jungmaven T-shirt, and Doc Martens.

Why I Love It: I don't really own many colors besides black, but even if I did, this would still be my favorite outfit—rain or shine, hot or cold. Even though it looks warm, the loose fit of my overalls actually leaves a lot of air space for my legs. I also like that they have a snug fit around the chest. My favorite T-shirt is this 30 percent hemp and 70 percent organic cotton one—it's about the closest cotton can come to silk. Pair that with my low-top Doc Martens, and I'm right at home in any season.

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My Summer Uniform: Hidden Comforts

Chanel Parks, assistant editor, @chanelinezp

Anatomy of My Go-To: My trusty Old Navy skirts, vintage T-shirts, and Tevas.

Why I Love It: If there are two things guiding my summer uniform, it's that I hate feeling overheated and that I have foot problems. My fitted skirt (I have three of them) is a flexible and light cotton blend that retains zero heat (yay, no sweat!). The length also expertly conceals my legs for the times when I forget to shave.

Then there's the comfy T-shirt, which rests easily against my skin. It's one of my favorites because 1. It provides a fun guessing game for people on the subway (Is she really 40?, the people wonder), and 2. It was $10 at a vintage trade show and is probably one of the softest things I've ever worn. Finally, there are my platform Tevas that cushion my arches in a more fashionable way than, say, Dr. Scholl's inserts would.

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