The 5 Bike Accessories You Can't Drink Without

Keep your eyes on the road and your flask on the bike.

The struggle is real: you're biking to your friend's dinner party when mid-ride you get a text asking for you to pick up a six-pack on your way over. How are you supposed to bike across town cradling a case of beer under your arms? There's also that dreaded moment when you show up to the picnic and realize someone forgot a bottle opener, so you all end up trying to pry open cider bottles with your apartment keys (or teeth, yikes). Or, hey, maybe you just want to have a flask on hand for all those music venues and festivals that only sell drinks in the double digits (we're not judging). For all of these booze-related emergencies and hardships, we've got just the tools to sort you out in style. Just remember: Once you start consuming, step away from the bike.

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Bicycle Wine Rack

By Oopsmark, $34,

Never jostle another bottle of vino on a pothole-ridden street. Just nestle your favorite pinot noir into the handmade leather straps or this mobile wine rack, secure it with the antique brass fasteners, and—boom—you're all set for date night.

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6-Pack Frame Cinch

By Walnut Studiolo, $32,

Bring the party with you wherever you go using this sturdy leather cinch. Available in four colors (dark brown, honey, natural, and black), with the option to add a monogram, this cinch adds some serious appeal to your biking vibes.

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Growler Cage

By Growler Cage, $55,

Nothing is more cumbersome when it comes to transporting draft beer than a growler, but attach the Growler Cage to your favorite ten-speed and you no longer have to worry about lugging it from the brewery to the party (and back again). Home-brewers can rest their aching muscles, and those who frequent craft breweries will never have to show up empty-handed again.

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Spaceman Flask Holster

By Ahearne Cycles, $30,

Need something sleek and stealthy to store your beverage in? Don't leave home without the trusty Spaceman Flask Holster, by Portland-based Ahearne Cycles. Screw the holder into your bike like you would a normal water-bottle holder, and you're all set to transport both 6- and 8-ounce flasks.

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WC LITE Bottle Opener

By WiseCracker, $15,

Leave the clunky bottle-opener keychains behind and free yourself from bulky pockets with the WiseCracker LITE bottle opener. Take it from us, being able to open a bottle on your bike is a great party trick and a real crowd-pleaser, so grab a few cold ones and start impressing your cycling comrades.

Tokyobike Classic Sport in Moss Green, $825; Tokyobike Bisou in Red, $695;

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