Don't Underestimate the Collar Pin

With the power to overhaul an entire outfit, these clips are not to be taken lightly.

We're all guilty of picking up a shirt off our floor, sniffing it, and deciding it's good for one more wear that week (right…? We're all in this boat? OK, good), because re-wearing clothes once, twice, three times in a row is a wonderful way to conserve energy. Global warming aside, however—unless you want your sisters/roommates/coworkers giving you a "that shirt again?" eye roll, we'll need to get a little crafty.

That's where collar pins come in: they're small, versatile, work for both fancy and chill vibes, and can completely rebrand a shirt. Place one of these pairs onto the collar tips of your favorite button up, and people will be too distracted by the unexpected pops of metallic to notice you're going on day four of that floral chambray number.

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The great thing about collar pins is that when they're not busy sprucing up your lapels, you can store them on your tote bags, jean jackets, snapbacks—you name it!

Hands Collar Clips by Kate Rowland, $22,

The name says it all.

Cute Moth Insect Bug Butterfly Nature Entomology Collar Pin Badge Brooch by Hood Rat Rough Diamond, $7,
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These stainless steel bars are sleek and streamlined—so you can dress them up as easily as you can dress them down.

Stainless Steel Collar Bars by Ox and Bull Trading Co., $40,

For a slightly more punk take, put a bar through it!

Reclaimed Vintage Collar Bar with Chain $18,
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This '80s Versace set is the PINnacle (heh) of luxe Italian vintage.

Gianni Versace Chatelaine Pin by Ugo Correani, $590,

The only time we'll encourage getting this close to bees.

Bee Prepared Collar Pin, $20,
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For when you're feeling nostalgic for the '90s.

Rotary Dial Telephone Lapel Pin, $12,

This cheerful rainbow will brighten up even the rainiest of days.

Rainbow Collar Clips, $25,
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These are technically cufflinks, but they're also perfect as collar pins. After all—what's the difference, really?

Cufflink Pair, $96,
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