French Class

Of all the fashion capitals of the world, Paris has perhaps the most legendary style. At its core is a blend of rock 'n' roll un-doneness, mixed with a heavy reliance on classics. Think: back slim black trousers, striped shirts, and tousled hair. Here's everything you need to fake like you're Parisian, no matter where you're from.

The most classic of all French-girl staples is a pair of cropped cigarette trousers—so named for their narrow, straight shape. Whether you wear them with ankle booties, pointy flats, pumps, or sneakers, they're essential for nailing that typically French insouciance. A tomboy blazer is also crucial, especially when paired over Equipment's leopard print blouse. Worn slightly oversized, the leopard looks classic, rather than vampy—however, a peek of black lace bra never hurt anyone. This is especially true, when worn with slept-in hair (Parisian girls just say non to blow-outs), red-stained lips, and smudged eyeliner.

For the guys, start with a slim pair of solid black jeans—stay away from distressing, you want them to look clean. A classic pea coat is also essential—you can thank style icon Serge Gainsbourg for that. Pair it all with a striped shirt, and then swaddle yourself in a chunky black scarf for an air of nonchalance, and top it all off with a pair of classic sunglasses. Finally, what could possibly be more french than a scent called "Monsieur" by one of Paris' top fragrance houses, Frédéric Malle? Probably nothing.

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