The Biggest (and Best!) Fall Denim Trends

What's next? We break down the biggest denim trends hitting stores now.

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Not quite patchwork (another denim trend that's still going strong), Frankenjeans happen when two jeans with two different washes are spliced together. Sometimes they're joined below the knee (hey there, Simon Miller culottes), and other times it happens when mid-wash denim snakes its way around the hem of a pair of light-wash jeans (like in Steve J & Yoni P's take on the trend).

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Knee-Patch Jeans

Patches have slowly migrated from places where you're pretty unlikely to tear your jeans (mid-thigh, back-of-the-calf) to the only place where you're super likely to tear your jeans—the knees. Try a traditional multi-wash patch pair, like Madewell's, or go a little fancy with Bliss and Mischief's version—the knees are reinforced with embroidered roses.

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Step-Hem Jeans

Step hem jeans are a lingering effect of Vetements' "Reworked" jeans, first introduced a few seasons back. Featuring a slight mullet at the cuff (high in front, longer in the back), they're the perfect style for showing off heels that need to be seen.

Raver Jeans 2.0

"Tailored JNCO's" are not something we ever thought we'd want, but here we are! The raver jeans of 2016 aren't quite as voluminous as their predecessors, and, more importantly, they're high-rise (hiphugger waist bands + wide legs + heels = so much falling). Try a thin, ribbed sweater tucked into one of our picks, below.

All-Over Embroidery

Fashion has gone embroidery-crazy, and we can't say we're mad about it. But, while most embroidered jeans feature a few randomly-placed patches, we're excited about the all-over patterned takes on the trend cropping up.

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