Five Brilliant, Unexpected Color Combos

Pairs like hot pink and camo green or camel and clay are secretly soulmates.

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Navy and Orange

Serious question: is navy and orange the sportiest color combo ever? The Broncos, the Bears, the Mets, and the Knicks seem to think so, and maybe they're onto something. Try a solid navy midi skirt, a fitted orange sweater, some sandy suede mules, and a white tote, and then go navigate that office/campus/parking lot/really long line at the smoothie place like you're on the field.

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Camo Green and Hot Pink

This outfit says a lot of things, all of them good. It says "Where's the party?" (That's the hot pink slip dress and the gold crossbody bag talking.) But also, "Hey, want to leave this party and go get pizza?" (That would be the military jacket and the paint-by-number Stan Smiths.)

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Slate Blue and Bronze

If you don't already own a pair of party pants, allow us to introduce you to these bronze jacquard trousers by H&M's sister brand, & Other Stories. We like a slightly subdued metallic with a slightly off jewel tone, like this slate blue Zara blouse.

Dusty Pink and Plum

Two of fall's prettiest shades just so happen to look great together. We went all in and did dusty pink and plum the fancy-ish way, with a knife-pleat skirt and a cozy cocoon coat, but that same coat would also look amazing with jeans, a plum sweater, and metallic sneakers.

Camel and Clay

If you have a camel skirt (or coat, or sweater) kicking around your closet, resist the urge to pair it with a white top and try a burnt orange shade instead. Just make sure break up that '70s color palette with some bright white sneakers.

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