How to Get Your Friends to Zoom in on Your #OOTD

This is how you make your #OOTD post a real thumb-stopper.

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Embellish the Classics

Sure, half of your friends own a button-down shirt, a pair of white Chuck Taylors, and a bandana. But have they ever seen Converse high-tops embroidered with little flowers? Or a neckerchief overlaid with rainbow stars? People are naturally curious about familiar things that look slightly different.

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Go Abstract

People are also curious about designs that they can't quite make out. Pose with your arms half-covering the geometric embroidery on that & Other Stories sweatshirt, and leave your friends wondering if you've joined a secret cult.

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Play With Cutouts

After a few seasons of social media domination, cold-shoulder tops pretty much register as T-shirts. To really get people interested, choose pieces with unexpected windows, like this upper-right-arm-revealing Topshop sweatshirt, or Pixie Market's back-of-the-neck-flashing button-down.

Embroidered Sweatshirt, $110,
Nami Ring Back Striped Sleeve Tie Shirt, $112,
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Draw Them In With Jewelry

Rings and earrings that read as mini-sculptures always warrant a zoom-in. Another strategy: add a cluster of arty pins to a denim jacket—your friends will want to get a close-up.

Focus on the Shoes

There are a few strategies you can go with here. One, try a pair of shoes with an embellished heel—it's way more unexpected than allover embroidery or studded toes. Or tone down the flash and choose pom-pom-topped slides: they're the next evolution of the minimalist mule.

Make Everyone Wonder How Many Bags You're Wearing

If all else fails, try confusing everyone into zooming in on your photos! This Telfar bag, which looks like three totes, should do the trick.

Tricolor Shopping Bag in Micro Leather by Telfar, $225,
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