You *Can* Outrun the Cold

Don't let a little temperature drop get in the way of your exercise routine.

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As the mornings get darker and and the roads frostier, your pavement-pounding routine will be harder and harder to keep up—but don't give into the cold! There's only one thing between you and a blissful winter of running: the right gear. Cover all your bases with the best heat-trapping and sweat-wicking fabrics, and before you know it, you'll be counting down the last few miles until spring.

Hot Tip: Aim to dress for fifteen to twenty degrees warmer than the actual outside temperature (your body will do the extra heating up for you!).

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10 Tips to Keep You on Track

  • Set your morning alarm to something epic—the Rocky theme song should do the trick.
  • Invest in an extra room heater to make waking up decidedly easier.
  • Find a running buddy to help hold you accountable.
  • Warm up with a pre-run around you house so the blast of cold air isn't quite so shocking.
  • Be flexible! If it's sleeting outside, take the day off. Don't burn out from unrealistic expectations.
  • Safety first: Less daylight calls for more reflective clothing, so load up.
  • Run into the wind for the first half of the run, and with the wind at your back for the second. That way the home stretch is less brutal.
  • Remember to drink water. You won't sweat as much in the cold, but you still need to hydrate.
  • Change as soon as you get home. Sitting around in damp, cold clothing is asking for trouble.
  • Sign up for a spring race—now you have to train!
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