You're Going to Want Puma's Ballet-Inspired Spring Collection

As soon as you see these photos.

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For those of you who may feel like ballet is not a sport, Puma wants you to think again. Last week, the brand debuted its spring/summer '17 Swan Pack collection in partnership with the New York City Ballet, Puma's official activewear partner since June 2016. As a continuation of the "Do You" campaign that launched last August, Swan Pack is inspired by the grace and strength of ballet, combining performance, functionality, and style. The mostly black and white collection features swan-inspired details, feathers, iridescent fabric, and everyone's favorite: the Basket Heart sneaker.

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"Ballet develops character, both on and off the stage," says Mimi Staker, a dancer in the New York City Ballet. "You have to find inspiration in yourself, always strive to improve, and not accept your flaws. It's not a flaw so much as it is a challenge."

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Adds Olivia Boisson, another dancer who stars in the campaign, "To be successful in anything you do, you have to be confident in yourself. No one else can give you that level of confidence. You're going to be the best at whatever you're doing, because you are the best you."

Take a look at more of the incredible campaign photos, ahead.

The collection is available on February 1st at Puma stores and online at

From: Elle
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