Madewell's New Collaboration Is Inspired by Vintage Finds

The retailer partners with Where I Was From for a vintage-inspired collection.

Is the perfect vintage t-shirt/dress/pair of jeans ever really found? In theory, yes, but actually hunting down the piece can be a bit of headache (if not feel downright impossible). And that's why connoisseurs and collectors like Where I Was From exist. Their sole purpose is rounding up all those scores, cleaning them up if necessary, and selling them to those who aren't willing to do the tough work of unearthing them initially. Now, inconjuction with Madewell, the duo have teamed up for a collaboration inspired by some favorite vintage finds.

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"I love taking pieces from the past that have their own history and mixing them with the modern pieces I have in order to create a new story," Joyce Lee, Madewell's Head of Design, told Along with Where I Was From founders Claire Lampert and Stacy Daily, Lee based the new range on a "shared love for perfectly worn-in denim. We gathered our favorite vintage finds and referenced some pieces for fabric, others for the perfect ripped knee holes or a special color. To compliment the denim, we recreated perfect vintage t-shirts using the right fabrics and silhouettes which would make them feel like the ones that are usually rare and hard to come by."

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The romance of vintage—who knows what adventures and great loves this piece has seen before?—is at the core of the collab. It's about "always wearing a souvenir with something modern," Lampert said. For the founder that means often rocking today's trendy Gucci loafers with the vintage pieces she wears.

The entire range, including tees, jeans, shorts, and more, was inspired by the great western expanse. "We found the farm on a drive north last year," Daily said of Albuquerque's Los Poblanos farmstead. "The feeling borrows from [its] stucco interiors, tile work, gardens, and landscape architecture. Our stay there lent to the unkempt sophistication of the collection, with broken-in twills and soft handed jersey fabrics."

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From: Elle
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