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The maxi skirt is a summer classic for a reason. Here's why you should be wearing it, again and again.

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Maxi skirts are going to be sticking around a bit longer than just the summer this year: they were rekindled on the catwalk of Miu Miu for fall/winter 2016 in a Victoriana-Edwardian kind of way, all stiff and structured and teamed with fitted blazer jackets. These were not your typical billowing and flowy numbers, which usually crop up every summer. And, as a result, they looked fresh and new.

Tailored tapestry brings a renewed elegance to the maxi skirt. Miu Miu fall/winter 2016 fashion show during Paris Fashion Week. Photograph courtesy of Getty Images
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Because Miu Miu, just like its elder fashion sibling Prada, is one of those labels that has the ability to set the season's style agenda early on, we recommend jumping on this trend now and gradually incorporating some new styles of maxi skirts amongst the flowy and bohemian numbers you're probably about to start rocking with flip-flops, camisole vests, and T-shirts. When fall comes around, you'll be practiced, poised, and perfectly positioned to lead the way with the unexpected skirt shape of the season.

This is the perfect halfway house to keep the look more casual but not as casual as you do in summer. Miu Miu fall/winter 2016 fashion show during Paris Fashion Week. Photograph courtesy of Getty Images
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The new maxi skirt is a little austere, and boasts more of a column silhouette; if the proportions are more balloon-like it should be rendered in a utilitarian fabric—such as denim—to keep it in check. On top, you'll need to switch out those basics for great jackets and varying weights of knitwear to create strong silhouettes. And where you took a casual approach to footwear in the form of greek sandals and espadrilles for its summer incarnations, here you'll want to add a heel—it makes the maxi skirt all the more sophisticated.

Now you know why we're falling for the new maxi skirt, here are the ones to buy! 

Denim Maxi Skirt by Alexander Wang, $375,
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Wear with a sweatshirt (with the sleeves rolled up on hot days), and a pair of sliders for a more streetwear style.

Double Split Maxi, $38,

The slits create a sense of structure with this skirt so you can get away with wearing a summer T-shirt or vest top tucked in without the look coming off as too hippy.

Pleated Denim Skirt by See by Chloé, $315,

This is the perfect buy for the season ahead, so snap it up now! Wear with a bomber jacket—a maxi skirt can go with more than a vest top, as we've learned.

Silk Skirt by Oscar de la Renta, $4,193,

Yes, we know this one is very grand and very bright—and for special occasions. At which point a simple but elegant blouse and hair worn up will do the job to complete the look—you don't always need a posh dress. 

Asymmetric Stretch Crepe Maxi Skirt by Gareth Pugh, $845,

This is exactly what we were talking about when we said Victoriana-Edwardian vibes. Now, a vintage T-shirt and Converse will keep it summer cool, while come fall find yourself a great fitted jacket and pair of boots. 

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