A Guide to Wearing Jewelry at the Beach

When lounging on the sand or swimming in the pool, you don't have to leave all of your sparkle behind. Here, the do's and don'ts of beach bling.

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We all know that a few aspects of our wardrobes are ill-suited for long days at the beach or by the pool. But there is a certain gray area when it comes to jewelry. Some may consider it a bad idea to pile on bracelets and rings as you would if it were any other day, while others can't fathom leaving the house without accessorizing their look. We'd like to propose a middle ground.

First things first, leave your fine jewelry at home—that much at least should be obvious. There is no sense in putting yourself at risk of losing the diamond earrings that your parents bought you for graduation or the sentimental friendship bracelet that you have shared with your BFF since grade school. Instead, consider costume jewelry that is wallet- and investment-friendly, while equally as good at making a statement.

A model walks the runway at the Tori Praver fashion show during FUNKSHION: Fashion Week Miami Beach Swim 2015. Photograph courtesy of Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images
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Furthermore, choose your pieces wisely. It's best not to wear something just to wear it. The goal is to enhance your look without creating a hassle (too many necklaces will get tangled in the water, a thick bangle may leave unwanted tan lines). And, of course there are certain gems that work better than others.

See our picks below, and happy relaxing!

The Choker

1. Wren II Choker, $195, dannijo.com; 2. Crochet Maxi Dress, $69, topshop.com; 3. Costa Smocked Bandeau Bikini by Tory Burch, $230, netaporter.com.
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Wearing a choker at the beach has its risks (you may be hot), but they are simply too darn cute to overlook completely. We suggest putting one on after a dip in the pool for a post-lap swimming lunch.


1. Earrings by Ruifier, $196, colette.fr; 2. Swimsuit with Printed Design, $30, hm.com.

When it comes to earrings, it's all about small studs. Chandelier styles and ear cuffs are too high maintenance and will cause more harm than good.


1. Do Brasil Double Bracelet $267, aureliebidermann.com; 2. Hand-Embroidered Cotton Kaftan by Juliet Dunn, $306, matchesfashion.com.
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We love an arm party, but a day at the beach is not the best occasion for it. Give one vibrant bracelet it's moment in the sun. Remember, the more colorful, the better.

The Lariat Necklace

1. Lariat Necklace by Shashi, $110, shopbop.com; 2. The Alexandra V-Neck Swimsuit by Solid & Striped, $208, matchesfashion.com.

A delicate lariat necklace is the perfect way to accessorize a low-cut bathing suit. Choose one that's lightweight and durable and you'll be good to go.


1. Bikini Top, $18, hm.com; Hipster Bikini Bottoms, $15, hm.com; 2. Smiley Ring by Venessa Arizaga, $85, openingceremony.com.

As with bracelets, while we love a multi-ring situation most of the time, it's better to go with a single, statement piece to complete your look (engagement rings and wedding bands don't make the cut, sorry).


1. Brea Halton Getty-Print Rash-Guard Top by Orlebar Brown, $280, matchesfashion.com; 2. Apple Watch Sport 38mm Silver Aluminum Case with Royal Blue Sport Band, $299, apple.com.

A watch is a great piece of jewelry to wear to the beach or the pool because it has both form and function. We recommend going with a sportier style with bonus points awarded for waterproof ones.

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