You Are Hereby Invited…

To a wedding every single weekend until the end of the summer. Relax! We've got outfits sorted for every type of fête imaginable. (And weddings have cake, so there's that, too.)

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It's happening. All of a sudden, you can't look at Facebook or Instagram without seeing another photo of a newly adorned left-hand captioned with "I said YES!!!" And as quickly as your newsfeed has filled with lovey-dovey photos of happy couples, the invites have begun piling up in your mail- and inbox. Soon, you might find yourself cashing in all of your vacation time (and savings) to make an appearance in the name of love.

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Mick Jagger and his new wife Bianca Jagger outside St. Tropez Town Hall on their wedding day, 1971. Photograph courtesy of Express/Getty Images
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All that said, we at Sweet actually think weddings are kind of the best! Nothing gets us more blissfully misty-eyed than a celebration of love and devotion between friends and family. Dancing! Moving speeches! Beautiful venues! Delicious food! Seriously, how could you not have fun? But finding the perfect ensemble to wear to all of these very different parties, in very different places, for very different people, is not always easy.

Solange Knowles and her new husband, music video director Alan Ferguson, joining a second line in the streets of New Orleans with family and guests after their wedding on November 16, 2014. Photograph courtesy of Josh Brasted/WireImage

Scoring an investment-worthy ensemble (read: something you'll actually want to wear again) is a big bonus, too. And it can be done! We've pulled together some of the best pieces for basically every type of wedding you're likely to encounter. You can thank us by saving us a slice of wedding cake. :)

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Your hands-down coolest friends are getting married. The bride is walking down the aisle to an instrumental version of "Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want," for crying out loud. The couple is going a little bit formal, but you also know that the dance floor is going to be the place to be all night long. What do you wear? Something romantic yet sharp—with a novel twist, of course.

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Heading to the country for someone's nuptials? (And—let's hope—a reception that revolves around a bonfire and mouthwatering barbecue?) Any combination of short, light, and playful will be the way to go for a laid-back outdoor wedding that may require getting a little bit dirty.

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Rushing off to witness your friends getting hitched at City Hall? There's something really charming and old-fashioned about a shotgun wedding, so let that drive your sartorial choices. Spring for a classic silhouette that will transition well to the afterparty—wherever it may be.

When your No. 1 brunch buddy loves brunch so much she decides to do a wedding before noon, go for something feminine and bright. (Anything with colors complementary to a mimosa can take priority.)

Sometimes weddings are more for the family than the couple themselves. For a more traditional ceremony, opt for something that's modest, while still leaving a little room for your personal style to shine through.

For vows exchanged on a picturesque sandy beach, it's best to go bohemian and breezy. Any little details that subtly nod to your surroundings (shell trim, a wavy print) will do their part to set the scene for your the big day.

Oh, cool! That one girl you sat next to in class a few years back found true love. (And she also recently found you on Facebook!) You can go one of two ways with this one: Play it safe or make an entrance. We're endorsing the latter, obviously.

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