Have You Had the Suit Epiphany Yet?

Blame getting older, blame the runways, but suddenly the trousersuit has become one very attractive outfit option indeed, at least for this writer.

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I've never been even vaguely interested in wearing a trousersuit. In my mind they've always been associated with former classmates at school who, trying too hard to be "grown up," would wear ill-fitting versions of them to faux work interviews on career day (note: I didn't do this, either). And they've always reminded me of salesmen. Both of which have also been obvious reasons for not wanting to sport one myself: where's the glamour? Where's the fun? In other clothes, that's where! Or so I thought.

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My personal suit epiphany happened very recently. Maybe it was age (hello, 30!), certainly it had something to do with the spring/summer 2016 runways. Either way, with my suit epiphany came a mild tux crush on Bianca Jagger's now-legendary 1978 Studio 54 look. Suddenly, I really really want to wear one—and heck, I think I'd wear it pretty well, too. Because there's nothing conventional about the sorts of suits around now: in fact, they're rather rock 'n' roll.

Flashy and bold in brocade, there's nothing low-key about Gucci's take on the trousersuit for spring/summer 2016. Photograph courtesy of Victor Virgile/Getty Images
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Gucci and Saint Laurent are arguably leaders of the trousersuit pack. When it comes to the former, all zany florals, and molten metallic brocade, team it with a pussy-bow and a contrast-color shirt for some serious clashing fun; while for the latter—Yves Saint Laurent being the master of the tux ever since launching Le Smoking jacket back in 1966—it's all about being sophisticatedly intimidating and louche: this is effortless power dressing at its best.

Personally, this is top of my shopping list. Cool and sophisticated and giving off an air of unapproachability! Saint Laurent, spring/summer 2016. Photograph courtesy of Victor Virgile/Getty Images

Calvin Klein, Marc Jacobs, Bottega Veneta, and Altuzarra are all part of the club, too—promoting casual-loose, all-over-printed, and options with unconventional cuts that take the suit from humble to anything but. Which also makes it a great option if you're looking to wear something for an occasion.  

There's no need for the suit to be subtle anymore. Bottega Veneta, spring/summer 2016. Photograph courtesy of Victor Virgile/Getty Images
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The great thing about the trousersuit is its ability to make that same singular statement as the dress and, once you've nailed it, you don't have to think too much about anything else. It instantly says "smart"; it will definitely make you stand with a bit of a nonchalant stance (which, secretly, everyone aspires to); and it enables you to experiment on the trouser front (we'd recommend cropped or wide-leg to feel fresh and new). Can you do any of these things with a dress? No. Where's the structure? Where are the pockets? Where are the smart styling options?

How to make the suit casual and relaxed? Take a look at Calvin Klein Collection spring/summer 2016, for a start. Photograph courtesy of Randy Brooke/Getty Images
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All of which is why you'll find me rocking my very own trousersuit in the not-too-distant future—and no longer will there be connotations of a school career day or salesman in the background to haunt me.    

Shop our favorites out there now. Suit yourself!

Long Blazer, $100, zara.com.
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If it's a louche look you're after (and we recommend exactly that), then this is the suit jacket for you. It can be worn with cropped kick-flare jeans, too, on days when you feel like dressing down a bit. Though remember, our renewed love for the suit is partly due to the fact that it enables us to dress up more than our standard jeans or summer dress would usually permit. 

Floral Brocade Lame Jacket by Gucci, $3,500, matchesfashion.com.

This is the suit jacket of the moment. If any one item of clothing is is responsible for us rethinking what the suit looks like now, it's Gucci's instantly recognizable trophy piece. If you dare (and have the budget), go all out and get the trousers to match, too (as per the runway look) to make a real suit statement. Of course, other retailers, taking inspiration from the crazy punches of color, will offer something at a more purse-friendly price. It's about taking the idea and translating it into your wardrobe.

Classic Wool Double-breasted Blazer by Saint Laurent, $2,220, brownsfashion.com.
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This is simply a classic and it will look great worn with a maxi skirt, too.

Kong Super 100-Wool Twill Straight-leg Pants by Joseph, $345, net-a-porter.com.

A smart, neat, and cropped pant, these will work just as well with a chunky sneaker and T-shirt as with a slender stiletto.

Le Pantalon de Costume Wool Trousers by Jacquemus, $391, mytheresa.com.

Pinstripe is to tailoring what embellishment is to eveningwear: a badge of occasion. But you can also try tucking in a simple vest top to these trousers and then rounding off the look with your suit jacket for a sassier take. 

Wide-Cut Pants, $25, hm.com.

Jazzy trousers! Team with a plain jacket for just the right path between quirky, smart, and cool.

Stripe Double-Breasted Jacket and Trousers, $210, topshop.com.

While you can mix and match any of the above jackets with any of the above pants (another fun suit bonus), this is the job done for you already. We especially like the wide palazzo-style pants—wear with a chunky wedge or platform so that they don't drag. 

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