Show-Off With Your Shoes

When it comes to your shoe choices this summer, go as flamboyant and ornate as you like—because good weather only lasts so long.

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Summer is the perfect time to wear shoes you want to show off in. When else do you really get the chance to wear anything fancy or flouncy for fear that it'll start raining and they'll get ruined? Exactly!

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This, then, is the perfect time to take your favorite pair of embellished or decorated shoes for a spin, and it's also the perfect time to treat yourself to a pair of shoes that were apparently made with the intention of wearing during the summer months only.

Sequins and embroidery make for key ingredients when it comes to show-off shoes. Dries Van Noten, spring/summer 2016
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The spring/summer 2016 runways positively encouraged this: Dolce & Gabbana didn't leave a surface unadorned when it came to its pom-pom-clad and flower-festooned sandals; Oscar de la Renta went dainty and delicate with lots of little jewels; and Dries Van Noten went sequined and embroidered. Which is all to say: now is the time to show off some pretty, flamboyant footwear.

Here we provide you with a little inspiration. 

Hot Fix Crystal Embellished Sandals with an Ostrich Feather Tassel, $1,875,

These could well be classed as Cinderella shoes. Everything about them requires weather conditions to be well and truly fairy-tale. A more real—though no less cool—way to wear them would be with a white T-shirt and white jeans. If you're wearing show-off shoes, don't try too hard with the rest of your outfit.

Wild Thing Suede Fringed Sandals by Aquazzura, $705,
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Nobody wants wet ankles, which means these fringed numbers are sunshine-only shoes. Paint your toenails a contrasting color, such as cerulean blue, to make even more of an impression!

Pom-pom-trimmed slippers by Natasha Zinko, $680,
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Fun and maybe a little bit crazy, these will garner plenty of attention. A short denim skirt and band T-shirt, or a block-colored summer maxi dress, are stellar accompanying outfit choices.  

Knotted Satin Sandals by No. 21, $675,
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Summer and satin are best friends. Satin and fall—a.k.a. sogginess—are not. 

Embellished Velvet Sandals by Miu Miu, $895,

A fancy heel, they're in velvet, too: these were not designed for anything other than perfect weather conditions. Featuring a sturdy little heel, these will be oh-so easy and comfortable to wear when it's really hot. 

Embellished Heeled Sandals, $106,
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A disco in shoe form. Wear with cropped jeans and a simple vest top, and head to the nearest dance floor.

Pink Nappa Rosette Sandals, $1,295,

Inspired by an English country garden, these should be worn anywhere but. A fitted summer dress and a basket bag will help to achieve that quintessential look, though. 

Calla Jeweled Leather Lace-Up Block-Heel Sandals by Schutz, $240,

With their colorful, carnival appeal, these were made for summer fun. A short shift or denim dungaree dress will be the perfect counterpart.

Java Embroidered Slingback Mid Shoes, $80,

Add embroidery to that list of no-gos during the wet months. Which is why we'll be getting as much wear as we possibly can from these now! Team with a white ankle sock. Cute.

Dominica Wedges, $268,

How much fun are these? So much fun. That's how much.

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