Swimwear Made From Fishing Nets

The new swimwear collaboration between Ashley Williams and sustainable fashion label Auria is everything we've ever dreamed of.

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London fashion favorite Ashley Williams has got your poolside and seaside needs covered this summer, all thanks to a fishing net!

The designer has linked up with award-winning and ethically sourced label Auria, which uses recycled nets—that would otherwise be discarded in the sea—to create luxury sustainable swimwear.

The collection features two prints, a net design and a fly design, the latter shown here
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"It felt a natural progression to work on a swimwear collaboration for Williams's spring/summer 2016 'Bad Mood' collection," says Diana Auria, who launched the label in 2013. "The swimwear print she had designed for this collaboration also seemed very on brand for the Auria aesthetic. One print was based on a fishing net design, which created a great synergy."

This is what we plan to be doing once we've snapped up our swimsuit!
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Upon graduation from London College of Fashion, Auria won the Fashion Innovation accolade as well as being highly commended at the Sustainable City Awards in 2013. She met Williams while consulting on the swimwear element of the designer's spring/summer 2014 collection, Dream Boat. Two years on and the time—and product—seemed right for a little reunion for them both.

Styling it out by the sea, this is the way to do it! Ashley Williams x Auria show us how

Comprising monochrome one- and two-pieces, the collection features asymmetric necklines and a fervent fly print as well as that on-point fishing net design. So if you still haven't found a bathing suit for summer, look no further. As well as looking gorgeous, you'll be safe in the knowledge that you are helping to save the planet—plus you have an excellent conversation opener: "Did you know my swimsuit is made of recycled fishing net?"

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For more see auria-london.com.

Now you know about them, here are some of our favorite designs. 

Black Net High Waist Crop Front, $220, auria-london.com.

A high-waisted two-piece always looks great with a flower in your hair for a retro feel.

Black Fly One-Piece, $220, auria-london.com.
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Add some metallic sliders to this one when you're taking time out by the pool.

Black Net One-Piece, $220, auria-london.com.
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Lots of bangles layered around your wrist and a red lip is one way to wear this one.

White Net Shoulder Front, $220, auria-london.com.

With its asymmetric shoulder style, you can wear this beyond the beach and pool. Just throw on a skirt and you have yourself a neat and new holiday outfit.  

White Net High Waist, $220, auria-london.com.

When you find a bathing suit style you like (because, let's face it, they're not the easiest of things to find), it pays to invest in it—twice! Different color ways will mean you feel comfortable but never like your look is on repeat.

Which swimsuit wins your vote? Share with a friend to see if they agree! 

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