Under-the-Radar Online Shops to Bookmark Now

From the affordable, L.A.-made line that's about to blow up, to an indie beauty emporium and our secret streetwear source, your descent into the online shopping time-spiral starts now.

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Rebecca Deczynski

editorial assistant, @rebeccadecz

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The Shop: Hello Holiday

The Brands: Stay Home Club, Kling, Emily & Fin, Tuesday Bassen

The Vibe: A purveyor of "gladrags for the third-coolest girl in the room," this Omaha-based shop is a go-to for sassy pins and patches, bold basics, and accessories fit for every member of your girl gang. The Hello Holiday girl may look to '60s icons like Brigitte Bardot, Jean Shrimpton, and Marianne Faithfull for style inspiration, but only to put together looks that are totally her own. On this site, you'll find no lack of statement pieces and plenty of easy-to-wear (and affordable) dresses.

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Abbey Maxbauer

editorial intern, @abbeymaxbauer

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Chanel Parks

assistant editor, @chanelinezp

The Shop: Shen Beauty

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The Brands: Kahina Giving Beauty, Pursoma, Jin Soon, By Terry

The Vibe: This site is like the digital version of your cool older sister who's always up on the latest beauty trends, but got really into yoga and veganism in college. There's a great mix of top-notch cosmetics with pretty packaging and items that are good for both body and soul. If I can shop for my favorite By Terry Hyaluronic blush and a relaxing Pursoma detox bath in the same place, I consider that a win-win situation.


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Maia Schoenfelder

social media editor, @maiaschoenf

The Shop: LOÉIL

The Brands: Just its own!

The Vibe: This L.A.-based online womenswear brand has only been open for a year, and I already feel like I never want to shop anywhere else. The pieces are clean and feminine with a minimalist vibe—and, sometimes, maximalist statements. Imagine that cool, timeless Cos had a baby with trendy Zara, et voila! LOÉIL was born. The fact that you'll never run into someone who has the same item and are guaranteed major compliments are just bonuses.


Catherine Fuentes

managing editor, @cat_fuentes

The Shop: Tuckernuck

The Brands: Persifor, Saint James, Parker

The Vibe: Tuckernuck is named after a small island off the coast of Nantucket, which seems appropriate for a unisex retailer that sells preppy classics with a modern twist. By mixing well-known American labels with smaller, up-and-coming designers, Tuckernuck's offerings feel classic without veering into The Official Preppy Handbook territory.


Caitlin Petreycik

senior fashion editor, @c_petreycik

The Shop: The Rising States

The Brands: Loeffler Randall, Plante, Delfina Balda

The Vibe: The Rising States is also an IRL boutique, and one of the few places in New York City that carries labels I've never seen anywhere else. While the shop stocks indie retailer staples like Loeffler Randall sandals and Samantha Pleet dresses, owner Meagan Delaney also dots her racks with quirkier finds like Toy Syndrome tees embellished with plastic critters, and frame-less Comrade NYC sunglasses in electric shades.


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