Artists Are Taking Over Gucci for 24 Hours

Today, the Italian fashion house is letting a different artist take control of their Snapchat account every hour, for 24 hours. You're going to want to follow this.

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The Ace sneaker has been a Gucci staple for a long time, but since creative director Alessandro Michele has taken the helm, the style has been refreshed as a space for the designer to play with new prints, patterns, and embellishments. The, internet, it would seem, has very much liked what it's been seeing—the latest Ace sneakers have been showing up all over social media, usually laced onto the feet of some of the world's most stylish people.

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To inspire even more creativity with the shoe, Gucci recently invited artists from all over the world to create videos inspired by the Ace. Those same artists will be taking over the Gucci Snapchat account all day today—sharing their inspiration in an even more personal way.

Get to know a few of them and watch their amazing short films below, then follow @gucci to get in on the fun!

Danielle Clough, South Africa

The Inspiration: I wanted to create a video of what an embroiderer's game of tennis would look like, and how she would curate the elements of the game.

My Video in Three Words: Gentle, paced, and palpable.

Marlon Rueberg, Italy

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The Inspiration: The Ace sneakers are very playful to me. For some reason they brought to mind '70s Bollywood films, children's theater, and those teenage days when you'd personalize your own clothes to express yourself, while trying to see the world through growing eyes. A time when life felt more saturated and less objective, and you fell in love as quickly as you'd fall out of it again….

My Video in Three Words: Whimsical, miscellaneous, and joyfully nostalgic.

Prue Stent, Australia

The Inspiration: The sneakers capture your attention. So, I decided to focus on creating a narrative around them, allowing the sneakers to be a vehicle that can take you on a journey to somewhere else—somewhere psychological and surreal.

My Video in Three Words: Surreal, adventurous, and elusive.

Julianna Szabo, Ireland

The Inspiration: I really like the embroidered motifs on the side of the Gucci Ace sneakers, so I selected three styles where the base shoe is similar but the embroidered elements are different. The idea of the animation was to show how these motifs could have ended up on the side of the sneakers. Shooting stop-motion animation is a slow process, where you see only small changes between shots, so it's always rewarding to see the characters come to life the first time I play all the photos in sequence.

My Video in Three Words: Handmade, whimsical, and intricate.

Winnie Chi, China

The Inspiration: My mum is really good at making embroidered patterns, so I was influenced by her. I wanted to make a story about the Ace sneaker with the embroidered bee as soon as I saw it. I like simple, humorous stories, so I used my character named Durian Pig. I wanted to make her and the sneakers have a chemical reaction.

My Video in Three Words: Quirky, enchanting, absurd.

Ace Sneaker, starts at $595,

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