15 Perfect Swimsuits

Months ago, when it was still very cold outside, you optimistically bought a swimsuit in anticipation of sunny summer beach days. Now, it's the end of July, and that suit has seen a little too much sun, salt, and sunscreen. Thanks to midsummer markdowns, you can now swap it out for a shiny new one, guilt-free.

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Nontraditional Textures

Give your swim style an unexpected twist with bathing suits that draw inspiration from textures you wouldn't normally cannonball in.

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Printed Matter

Stripes, florals, geometric shapes—the options for prints and patterns are endless, and they all give swimsuits a playful vibe.

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Above and Beyond Basic

A simple suit doesn't have to be yawn-inducing. These beach-ready options are basic, but definitely not boring.

Not To Be Meshed With

Mesh and crocheted fabrics give swimsuits a bit of edge. If you want to go bold, try out these picks.

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