How to Effectively Show Off Your Outfit on Snapchat

Examining the fine art of moody mirror selfies and shoe zooms.

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The Poll

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The poll is perfect for when you want to know what your friends really think of that H&M romper you bought at 10 p.m., but you also want your face to be the face of a bee. Actually, slapping a silly lense on a "please judge my look" snap automatically shields you from any negative feedback, because why would a bee care what people think of its (super-cute) outfit?

The Shoe Zoom


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Take an Instagram #shoefie, put it on a rollercoaster, and you have the shoe zoom. Zoom in and out, finish with a Snapchat Jig, and speed the whole thing up to rabbit pace.

The Advanced Shoe Zoom


This requires a bit more effort than your basic shoe zoom, but it's ideal for days when the Standard Shoe Zoom is giving you motion sickness. We went with two "Tap to Zoom" buttons and a grand finale shot festooned with emoji sparkles, but you can zoom in as many times as you want (or until your Snapchat followers peace out on your story).

The Outfit Snap Disguised as Mood Snap

Look, you're a very serious person who has no time for outfit snaps. But you also have a lot of feelings. Really, if your soul and your dress can both be described as Palm Springs goth, what harm is there in documenting that via mirror selfie?

The Bird's-Eye View

The only thing that says "I'm feeling my outfit" more than a phone-held-aloft, twirling snap is a butterfly lens. Combine them both on days when you want the whole Snapchat universe to know you look amazing.

The Stealthy Outfit Snap

For some reason, it's easier to take stealthy outfit shots on Snapchat than it is on other social apps. Don't hold back—post that photo of your friend's impeccable ring game while she's staring out the window. There's no greater compliment than seeing your accessories sneakily memorialized in a pal's story, surrounded by a cloud of emoji hearts.

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