The Most Calming Thing in Your Closet

Relaxation is very important, and you shouldn't spend your cool-down time wearing just any old robe (we're looking at you, unwanted gift from Aunt Nancy, circa 2012). Opt for something that's silky smooth, pillow-soft, delightfully warm, or all three! We've rounded up some top-notch options, just for you.

What comes to mind when you hear the word "robe" Probably something along the lines of breakfast in bed in a well-appointed hotel suite, or spending an afternoon at a luxurious spa. Either way, robes evoke a sublime level of zen that can be transferred to your own home more easily than you might think.

So brew up a pot of tea, gather your sheet masks and a few good books, then wrap yourself up in one of these exceptional robes.

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Summertime is approaching, and if you find yourself getting overheated inside (read: if you don't have air conditioning), choose a linen robe. The fabric breathes and is a comfortable go-to for warmer weather—feel free to step out on the patio with one of these.

From left: Linen Bathrobe, $35,; Linen Robe by Celina Mancurti, $160,
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Having fresh flowers throughout the home is a relaxing indulgence in itself—but wrapping yourself in a floral-print robe might be the next best thing. You'll be cozy and somewhat connected to nature… just look down and take in the pretty flowers!

From left: Isa Short Robe, $238,; Flower Embroidered Robe, $60,
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Silk robes are the crown jewel of the category, and you'll become a very fancy person once you have one in your possession. When the fabric hits your skin, you will never, ever want to wear anything else—the smoothness alone is enough to make you feel like a million bucks.

From left: Capability Loren Silk Robe, $762,; Clara Whispering Robe, $385,
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Love hotel robes? Well, if you haven't already purchased one from your favorite home away from home, consider extending that life of luxury to your own abode. A thick, plushy number will give you that four-star feeling, just without the mini bar and free HBO. (Optional: Snuggle up with your favorite magazine and pretend Seamless is room service.)

From left: Hotel Collection Finest Modal Bath Robe, $142,; Cotton-Terry Robe by Lisa Marie Fernandez, $112,
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Don't feel like getting dressed post-shower? Invest in a terry-cloth robe that will soak up the moisture on your body and act as a great blanket when you accidentally fall asleep in it.

From left: Bella French Terry Stripe Robe, $112,; Terry Goodnight Robe, $98,
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If you're trying to impress someone, or you just love a good, feminine see-through cover-up, go the lacy route. If you don't want to go all-out sexy while wearing said robe, find styles that either have lace trim on the sleeves, or sheer paneling throughout.

From left: Le Reve Lace-Trimmed Silk Chiffon Robe by Kiki de Montparnasse, $725,; Merveille Night Robe, $1,338,
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Dark & Light

If you wear black and navy all the time, stick to your signature colors when it comes time to choose a robe. Sure, these options feature a little bit of white, but we're sure you can handle little, bright accents.

From left: Short Star Dressing Gown, $895,; Tuxedo Black Robe, $260,
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