How to Revamp Your Fall Wardrobe, at Every Budget

Sorry about that shopping spree you're about to go on.

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If You Have $100

Montana Pointed Flat Mules, $30,

Flat Mules: If you're looking for fall style inspiration, just close your eyes and ask yourself, "What would Rihanna do?" She'd probably layer a giant hoodie over something slinky, and the sweatshirt-slip-dress combo happens to be one of our go-to looks for fall 2016. A laid-back outfit deserves equally unfussy shoes, like these ASOS slides, above. 

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Black Lace Hem Cami Midi Dress, $30,

A Slip Dress: This $30 investment will pay off, in time not spent rifling through your closet searching for something to wear. If you want to break up the $100 look we've laid out, try layering this River Island slip dress over a T-shirt or thin, ribbed turtleneck, and under a shearling-lined denim jacket or bomber.

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Oversized Hooded Sweatshirt, $40,

A Giant Hoodie: Thank Off-White and Marques Almeida for making it socially acceptable to burrow into an enormous hoodie this fall. While our pro-sweatshirt-and-slip-dress bias is clear, this H&M hoodie would also look great with cropped, frayed-hem jeans and ankle boots.

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Shake Out the Couch Cushions

Color Club Patch, $6,

Fun Patches: If you come into an extra $5, you could buy an extra-large bubble tea or try a new drugstore nail polish, or you could pick up an outfit-changing accessory, like this abstract embroidered patch. Sew it onto a T-shirt, denim jacket, or backpack that could use an update. 

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Junk Yard Bandana by Annu Kilpelainen, $13,

Printed Bandanas: Maybe you're over summer's chokers, but you feel like your neck is missing something. Try out a bandana in a fun print, like this—the prettiest junkyard pattern we've ever seen. 

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Sporty Tube Ankle Socks, $6,

Tube Socks: Like 95% of trends these days, this one can be traced back to Vetements. Just go with it, because letting a few inches of retro tube sock peek out from the tops of your ankle boots is a cute look. 

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If You Have $250

Dark Green Velvet Pleated Midi Dress, $88,

Something Velvet: Is anyone really surprised the '90s trend train ended up in Velvetville for fall 2016? Since the fabric is inherently dressy, go for a relaxed style, like this crushed velvet midi dress. You can pair it with slip-on sneakers or easy block heels. 

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Mid-Heel Shoes, $40,

Block Heels: Speaking of block heels, we love the cap-toe detail on this Zara pair. We stand behind any shoes that can instantly dress up jeans without interfering with your ability to, you know, walk. 

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Cold Control Lite Metallic Puffer Jacket, $110,

An Evening Puffer: Who says you need an evening coat for fancy occasions? Throw a metallic puffer over that velvet dress and be the coolest girl in the room.

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If You Have $500

Long Fuzzy Coat, $275,

Faux Fur: Assuming you have all the basics covered, let's blow your $500 on fun stuff, starting with a muppet-fur coat. Wearing this & Other Stories style is like being hugged by 50 teddy bears. 

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