Taking It to the Max

This fashion designer just won one of the most coveted new prizes in fashion. Which is very good news for the rest of us.

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Do not for one moment mistake Roberta Einer's style as being kitsch. That won't go down well at all.

"It's about being fun and bold," corrects the Estonian-born, London-based designer who, having graduated from the University of Westminster last year, now finds herself in something of a Saks spotlight: Einer is one of two winners who just won the department store's inaugural Emerging Designer Showcase Award (the other was the label Vetta by Cara Bartlett and Vanessa van Zyl), which basically means a pretty good kickstart to her career—her characterful designs will now be found hanging on the department-store behemoth's rails come fall.

Roberta Einer spring/summer 2016 collection. Photographs courtesy of Daniel Sims/Roberta Einer
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"I'm really excited for this," enthuses Einer who, aside from learning her craft at Westminster, completed an art foundation year at Central Saint Martins ("It was the most fun and creatively crazy year," she says), and did a stint at the label of the moment, Balmain.

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"My time at Balmain changed my aesthetic massively and made me a much bolder and playful designer," she considers. Cue neon pink and azure blue party frocks, illustrated bombers and flouncy skater skirts among her spring/summer 2016 launch collection; and wittily embroidered fuzzy jackets, shirts, and dirndl skirts (featuring phrases like "troubled child" or "fast cars, food, men"), as well as tuxedo tailoring with a splash of glitter among her fall/winter 2016 offerings. "It's important for me to create modern luxury womenswear; to make the wearer feel special about having my pieces in their wardrobe," she says.

While Einer might be quick to reject any notions of kitsch ("fun" would definitely be the safer word), she can certainly be called a maximalist, and it's something that can be attributed in part to her first fashion memories: trying on her mom's silk shirts. "She always got them made out of the most colorful bright silks. It was kind of a bold thing to do during that time—post-Soviet era Estonia wasn't big on bold fashion statements during the '90s," she recalls.

Her appetite for fashion was coalesced through a combination of learning to sew on her mom's sewing machine and taking part in school fashion shows, starting at age 11. "When I was 14 I decided that this was something I wanted to specialize in," she says. Ten years later and she's living the dream. "I constantly remind myself how lucky I am to be doing my own thing in this crazy fashion industry. I just hope I can keep doing it and growing as a designer and learning as a business woman."

For more, see robertaeiner.com .

And check out some more looks from her most recent collection below! 

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