Play With Your Food

Lucy Folk—creator of pieces like the Cocoloko Pearly Palm necklace and the Taco Friendship Band—is a special kind of weirdo genius jewelry designer.

In the case of jewelry designer Lucy Folk's Melbourne shop, the cart came before the horse. "The block my shop is on is really unique; it's one of the most historic in Melbourne," she says. "I knew the landlord and told him to let me know if anything ever opened up, but I had no intention of actually opening a shop. When the space became available I just thought, I have to do this, it's the most perfect location."

The slim storefront for Folk's boutique.

We're glad she did. The design of the store, which is, for lack of a better phrase, a jewel box at just about 140 square feet. "I didn't have many options other than to attach everything to the walls," says Folk. With electroplated ceramic plates (meaning they're covered in a very thin layer of metal) from local brand Madras hanging on the walls, and details like drawer handles shaped like corn chips, Folk's shop is a cabinet of delights. Oh, and about those corn chips? Folk has a long-running love of snacking, and of incorporating it into her work. Think: cuffs and chokers cast from pizza dough and anchovies, money clips shaped like hard-shell tacos, and earrings that look like parsley. Here, Folk shares some of her favorite pieces from her collection.

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1 Mirrored Sunnies

"These shades are the perfect fit for my small face. I always struggled to find the right frames and now I have my very own style. The Jungle color is my favorite. All of my sunnies come with a custom gold eyewear chain that doubles as a necklace."

Short and Sweet Sunglasses in Jungle, $335.

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2 Colorful Clutch

"My Giudecca clutch has the right amount of punch without being too extreme. I'm a color enthusiast and feel naked without a pop of it, so this little guy takes outfits to the next level. It's a conversation starter, too—kind of like a puppy!"

Giudecca Cocktail Clutch, $325.

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3 Diamond Necklace

"Remember playing hangman? Well, this is a grown up version, but with diamonds! I prefer things to be discrete, so we created a subtle code that spells out "I love you" in diamonds across the front of the necklace. Who doesn't want to hear I love you from someone special?"

I Love You Necklace in 18 carat gold with diamonds, $2,715–$6,265.

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4 Hoop Earrings

"I can't get enough of the relic hoops. These are a spin on a simple hoop, but the pearl is worn in front. I prefer to wear one hoop and a stud or a diamond cuff in my other ear. Symmetry has never been my friend."

Fine Relic Hoop Earrings, $2,585–$2,895.

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5 Dangly Earrings

"I work with an incredibly talented artist named Rachelle King who conjures up all of my designs in crochet. She's in her seventies, and we've worked together since 2006. She's amazing. These explosions of gold are the ultimate earring for a party. Lightweight and punchy…you can dance all night and keep your lobes happy!"

Spritz Earrings, $375.

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6 Cuff Bracelet

"I know this fish is not everyone's fave. But when I did my pizza collection I couldn't leave the little guy out. The texture on the cuff mimics the hairy fish and it's become one of our most popular pieces. It has an organic feel and works well with a bit of a tan!"

Anchovy Cuff, $275–$325.

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7 Mushroom Earrings

"Again from the Pizza collection, these slices of Mushroom were initially electroplated in fine layers of gold and then we cast them in solid sterling silver. They make quite the statement and are from the archive of foodie delicacies I preserved in precious metal."

Shroom Stud Earrings, $325–$365.

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Visit Lucy at her shop: 1A Crossley Street, Melbourne, Victoria.

All pieces are available at

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