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We're guessing everyone you know will want something Shrimps.

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Bambi Jacket, $765,
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"Cold weather dressing is my favorite," says Hannah Weiland, the mind behind London-based label Shrimps. "I love layering different pieces and feeling cozy." No wonder, then, that the London College of Fashion graduate decided to launch her line in 2013 with a collection of faux fur coats and clutches. Faux fur becoming her signature was more by chance than by design. "I happened upon a mill producing the most amazing-quality faux fur, and I had always dreamed of creating a Breton-style faux fur coat," she recounts. "We started with one striped coat and a clutch, and it just expanded from there!"

Meadow Clutch, $300,
Austin Scarf, $295,
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Fashion favorites Julia Sarr-Jamois, Adwoa Aboah, and Laura Bailey were among her early supporters, helping to garner Weiland a devoted following after just a few seasons. Each collection offers a new array of brightly colored pieces that will snap you out of your winter-blah rut in a snap. For Resort 2016, Weiland was inspired by some of her current favorite artists. "I looked to Henry Darger's 'Vivian Girls' and the colors of Brazilian folk art 'retratos pintados' [painted portraits]," she says of her pre-spring palette.

Marie Coat, $1,850,

Unwrapping a box to find your very own Shrimp, a Honey Clutch, or Marnie Scarf inside would make any fashion enthusiast light up, but if you're looking to go all out for someone this holiday season, you can't go wrong with one of Weiland's statement coats. And that's probably what Weiland herself would do. "I love giving presents," she admits. "When I find something perfect for someone, I can't hold back—but it's always worth it." Here's hoping that next year, we make our way onto Weiland's nice list.

Honey Clutch, $585,
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