Good-Time Gems

For jewelry designer Polly Wales, a sense of spontaneity is essential to creating fine jewelry.

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British-born Polly Wales takes a decidedly old-school approach to her jewelry design. Employing a team of wax-workers, each piece in her collection of fine jewelry is sculpted in wax and set with gems. Then, goldsmiths pour molten gold over the wax and gemstone design in a mold, melting the wax away, and leaving the stones embedded in gold in the process. The result? A design that's totally unique and spontaneous. As the pieces age over time, the gold gets worn down, revealing previously unseen stones. Consider these heirlooms that evolve with time.

Rainbow Crystal Disk Studs
Blue Ombre Confetti Ring with Diamonds
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This spring, the designer will move with her team of wax-workers and master goldsmiths to downtown Los Angeles, where she'll set up shop in the U.S. for the first time. "I seem to have my aesthetic 'home' in the U.S.," she says. We can't wait to see what sunny, happy, shiny L.A. inspires her to do next.

White Sapphire Safety Pin Hoops
Confetti Ring with Large Sapphires

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