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Designer Nupur Goenka is redefining the humble scarf.

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Designer Nupur Goenka.
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"When we started the collection, my mind was focused not only on the products themselves, but also on the feeling that I wanted our products to evoke," says Nupur Goenka, founder and creative director of the artisanal Indian-made line Aish. "Aish is an Urdu word, meaning 'to luxuriate in'—I wanted to bring the wearer into a world of soft, fine luxury."

The handspun khadi cloth used to make Aish's scarves.
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Prior to launching the brand, Goenka spent time exploring the Bengal region of northeastern India, meeting local weavers and taking up the craft herself to better understand the weaving process. She continues to work with local Indian artisans to produce Aish's scarves, clothing, jewelry, and blankets, sharing their centuries-old techniques with wearers around the world.

A small loom used to weave the khadi.

For winter, Aish's metallic shawls offer an easy way to add a hint of glamour to your look, day or night. "In recent years, handloomed fabric has not been associated with luxury, and we wanted to change that," explains Goenka. "Pairing khadi [handspun cotton cloth] and muslin with the metal is a bit unexpected, and a bit elevated." The result is undoubtedly luxurious but understated, and so, so soft.

Salma Shawl, $550 each, all

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