30 Sweet-Approved Keychains Your Bag Has Been Missing

From furry pom-poms to an assortment of fruits, there are stylish keychains for every personality. Grab the one that best suits you now!

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To say that Karl Lagerfeld is a trendsetter is an understatement. If he says blue is the new black, you can be certain that streets and runways will be filled with shades of turquoise, cyan, and navy. The same goes for the fashion-forward keychain, something that Lagerfeld spearheaded when he adorned bags and ready-to-wear at Fendi with little fluffy accents that have become a signature decoration for the Italian brand.

A guest poses with a Valentino bag and Loewe keychain before the Jil Sander show during Milan Fashion Week 2016. Photograph courtesy of Vanni Bassetti/Getty Images
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What was once an anomaly is now a full-on trend, and stylish keychains are a part of several important designer collections, from Anya Hindmarch and Marc Jacobs to Stella McCartney and Louis Vuitton. Each brand has its own spin on the practical accoutrement, whether it's a mini version of McCartney's ever-popular Falabella bag or a quirky emoji-infused phrase that is very much a part of Hindmarch's DNA. We can't find any reason why you wouldn't want to join in on the fun— unless of course you don't have keys—but in that case you can clip the decoration on your handbag! Shop our selects below.

The soft touch: a Fendi keychain on Chiara Ferragni's Hermès bag. Photograph courtesy of Getty Images
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Soft Touches

Say hello to our furry friends (faux, of course). The designer keychain all started in this realm, with Lagerfeld's colorful creations for Fendi. We love the two-toned one from Topshop and the equally fabulous and affordable options from H&M and Asos that stand out in more ways than one.

A statement key ring at Anya Hindmarch spring/summer 2016. Photograph courtesy of Getty Images
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Word Play

Cheeky slogans and statements are a fun way to join in on the keychain celebration. Whether you go simple with Stella McCartney's "Love" option or all out with Anya Hindmarch's cheeky "Buy 1 Get 1 Free" iteration, you'll be sure to have the last word.

Tassels at Tod's fall/winter 2016. Photograph courtesy of Getty Images
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Swing State

Perhaps the most traditional theme is the fringed tassel. This detail has been around the fashion block, on shoes and handbags, but it's just as appealing in keychain form. One thing's for sure, you'll never have trouble finding your house keys or your car keys with the shimmering metallic number from Louis Vuitton.

A healthy snack hangs from a bag at Fendi menswear fall/winter 2016. Photograph courtesy of Getty Images

Food for Thought

Food, in any circumstance, is a good idea. Whether you have a sweet tooth or the constant urge for a savory treat, there is a keychain to satisfy your craving. In fact, these are all so cute (sparkly ice cream treat, we're looking at you) you may even find us sporting one of each.

A Coach dinosaur keychain spotted in London. Photograph courtesy of Getty Images

Material World

Your keychain doesn't need to have any special meaning behind it: maybe your match is to be found in one of these slightly more random options. From the Balenciaga's mini City bag to Loewe's spaceship, there is nothing not to love.

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