Never Get Stranded Without a Book Again!

With tote bags this cute, you have no excuse leaving your reading material behind.

Tote bags are unlike any other bags simply because they don't evoke any sense of preciousness. You would never haphazardly throw a semi-damp swimsuit into a leather bag, nor would you drop a bottle of sunscreen in a silk-lined purse ("Wait, was that lid all the way closed…? Oh well!). But with a canvas tote, everything is fair game. The (typically) roomier and (pretty much always) cheaper alternative to hauling your necessities can be filled to the brim with everything you need for an afternoon at the beach or full day running errands without leaving you too concerned about wear and tear. And not only are they sturdy—they also invite a little charm and wit into your outfit with quirky illustrations and patterns.

So set your cramped backpacks, expensive handbags, and delicate purses aside, and find a trusty tote bag that perfectly fits your style.

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We know the feeling.

When You Find a Cool Leaf and U Wanna Show Ur Frenz by Caroline, $28,

At only $2 a pop, feel free to spill all the liquids and burst all the pens.

Watermelon Shopper Tote, $2,
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Running to the grocery store for almond milk in sweatpants? Add a dose of royalty with Queen Victoria's face.

Victoria (Face), $20,

Let the world know where you're heading.

Sea U Later Tote Handbag by Twig & Arrow, $20,
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Count on this Danish design studio to come up with a vibrant design that makes us think of both popsicles and beach huts.

Nathalie Du Pasquier Tote Bag by Hay, $22,

There's no such thing as a bad day with this little guy hanging around you.

Logo Print Tote by Société Anonyme, $25,
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Well-wishing every person you pass will bring enough good karma to last all summer long.

Have a Nice Day Tote, $40,

One can never have too many dachshund-printed accessories.

Dachshund Linen Tote Bag, $27,
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For when you want to bring out your artsy, slightly moodier side!

Conceptual Portrait Totebag, $9,

Anything as cheerful as a fresh bouquet of flowers is always a keeper.

Red Peony Tote Bag, $23,
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