A Collab for the Ages, at the Bargain Price of $40

Say hello to Idea, your new T-shirt obsession, available at Dover Street Market.

If you're an art book aficionado, you may already know about London's Idea bookstore. Or, more likely, you know about their instagram account, handle @idea.ltd, which also sells books—including many rare and historic ones that are truly special. Idea has also expanded into bags and T-shirts, and their current selection of tees consists of four minimal styles, available online or at Dover Street Market in New York and London. The shirts may be minimal, but we think each one deserves its own special tribute.

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Idea Intern T-Shirt (Gray), $40, doverstreetmarket.com.

Intern: a word that holds so much meaning for so many people. While few who move up the ranks are likely to look back on their days of being an intern with nostalgia, there is a certain fond incredulity attached to such a trip down memory lane: it's hard to believe that professional life was once coffee runs, tedious tasks, a multitude of contradictory instructions from the seemingly endless list of people who were higher up on the food chain.

For those who are still interns, there is something poetic about the self-awareness expressed by wearing this T-shirt: a proud reclamation of the very term that justifies the most ridiculous tests of their patience, and even their ambition. May we all maintain the spirit of an intern: the energy of a starting point, a treacherous but hopeful beginning.

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Idea Keanu T-Shirt (Navy), $40, doverstreetmarket.com.

Keanu: an actor whose performance in The Matrix became instantly iconic. While we can understand wanting to emulate Reeves's vibe from the movie, we strongly advise against purchasing a men's high-collar slim-fit leather trench coat that could be buttoned only from neck to waist. Instead, allow your love for Reeves's legendary 1999 performance, and really all of his legendary performances (Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, anyone?), to manifest itself in the form of this T-shirt. A much more practical purchase, anyway.

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Idea Techno T-Shirt (Black), $40, doverstreetmarket.com.

Techno: a music genre that emerged from a little town called Belleville, Michigan. After overtaking Detroit and eventually the entire country in the late 1980s, techno has gone on to evolve and meld with other genres, influencing much of the music we listen to today. This one goes out to all the DJs, wannabe DJs, and EDM fans out there. Wear your love of techno proudly.

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Idea Winona T-Shirt (White), $40, doverstreetmarket.com.

Finally, Winona. It's fair to say that Winona Ryder never truly left us, as her performances in Heathers, Edward Scissorhands, and Girl, Interrupted remain cultural touchstones, and her influence in the world of entertainment lives on. Two-thirds of her first name is still tattooed on Johnny Depp's upper arm.

However, after a decade of virtual hiatus, Ryder is back on the rise, having been the face of Marc Jacobs's fall 2015 campaign and then the face of his beauty campaign late last year. Now, Ryder is starring in a Netflix thriller series entitled Stranger Things, which premiered on July 15. We're all rooting for you, Winona. That's why we need these T-shirts.

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