WKND Drinks

It's Time to Step Up Your Hot Beverage Game
Chocolate + booze. Need we say more?
Never Watch A Movie Without These Staples Again
These cocktails aren't half bad, either.
The Bourbon Drink You Need in Your Life
Plus, master the ABCs of bourbon.
The Best Sparkling Cocktails for Summer
Here's How to Make Them at Home
Shake Up Your Cold Brew Routine
Iced Coffee Should Be Fun!
Let's Chill… Our Red Wine
This summer it's all about chilled red wine.
A Riff on the Classic Cuban Cocktail
Here, Nick Detrich of New Orleans' Cane & Table explains how the Cuban standby became a cocktail star.
Everything You Need to Know About Shrubs—The Drink
Find out why these fruity vinegar syrups are the easiest way to shake up flavorful cocktails.
WKDN Drinks: The Honey Bee
Soraya Odishoo, a bartender at Nix, shares a simple weeknight cocktail inspired by chef John Fraser's produce-driven fare. Enjoy!
Spritz Drinks and How To Make Them
And how to drink it, naturally.
Madame Masako Cocktail
How to Make the Madame Masako
Level: Easy
Shake up an absinthe cocktail just like Rogerio Vaz in Tokyo.
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